Amateur theatre company.

SHADES is an ecumenical amateur theatre company whose mission is to present the Gospel through drama.

SHADES began in 1985 at St Helen's Church

Where they performed sketches to the congregation. It began taking sketches to other churches and then, in the form of outreach, to secular venues.

SHADES began to perform in major productions

Its first being ‘Whatever happened to Christmas?’ in 1991. In 1992 SHADES took a giant leap of faith and hired the White Rock Theatre to perform ‘Such is Love’, which was received with great acclaim. They also performed ‘About Face’ and ‘Fallen Angel’ there.

30 years of evangelism through drama in 2015

SHADES became independent of St Helen’s in 1995; enabling it to attract members from other denominations. SHADES has performed at the Stables Theatre, St Mary in the Castle and the former Phoenix Arts Theatre.

SHADES reputation means that it continues to be invited to perform sketches and plays in both churches and secular venues.